About Precious Paws

We are a pet care company who offers the highest level of care and love to your precious pets while you are not able to do so, for whatever reason that may be. We also offer rates that are manageable for anyone and everyone in this current economic situation.

Kristina is the business owner. Kristina grew up in the north Seattle area and has been an animal lover from a child. She has worked at several reputable animal cares facilities in the area such as doggy daycares, training schools, and kennels.

We are now accepting new clients for our doggy daycare, in-your-home overnights, and pet taxi!

We do not breed or size specify, everyone is offered a FREE trial day and we assess each dog individually to make sure they are the right fit for our awesome pack! We do great with dogs who need more socialization and may have not done well at one of the larger daycares – this is why we keep our pack smaller, so that no one feels overwhelmed or anxious, and they each get plenty of one on one attention! We do like our dogs to come here with basic obedience training and we are more than happy to keep up with it and help with all new skills!




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With over 15 years of experience in working with animals combined with an extreme compassion for any and all creatures, Precious Paws is a trustworthy addition to your pet care team.


Your pets are adorable… We are affordable!