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An Amazing Pet-Caregiver...

Kristina is an amazing pet-caregiver as well as super flexible. Our family was going out of town and our dogs don't get along with other dogs well so she spent the whole weekend at our house caring for our three dogs. She is very respectful of the home and very attentive to the dogs. She made sure the dogs got all of their medications and made sure to exercise them. Her pricing is extremely competitive and fair, I definitely plan in using her again anytime we go out of town!


Julanne Payton

Brautson and Max

Here is my testimonial for Brautson and Max.

Kristina is beyond wonderful with my two little boys. I never fear dropping them off as they run to her and her kids every time. Kristina keeps me up do date throughout their stay with pictures and funny stories. As spoiled as they are, its as though they are staying at their second home when they stay with Kristina. The absolute best part are the pictures I get with her kids and my pups. I love how well they all get along.


Bryanna Geisbush

Tremendous Help...

Kristina has been a tremendous help with my puppy. Fuego had an injury requiring additional care &attention bcz of this socialization w/ people & other dogs was slow. Not only did Kristina follow all my wishes (some were probably crazy) but she also attended some training classes with me, on her time so we would both be working in harmony with my dog. This meant a great deal to me. Now almost 10 months old my puppy has blossomed & a lot of it is due to her care & help. I have an old dog & he is never forgotten or left out. Kristina is knowledgeable, careful & I never worry about my boys w/ her.


Cherie and Fuego!

A genuine love for animals...

lokiKristina is a knowledgeable pet-caretaker with a genuine love for animals. Not only that, it's truly a family affair, with everyone pitching in to care for and entertain the dogs. I never hesitate to go out of town, because I know my dog has a place to stay where he's comfortable and treated like family.


A lifesaver...

I travel frequently and sporadically for work. Sometime for more than a month at a time. I have two high maintenance dogs that can't be left just anywhere. Kristina has been a complete lifesaver. She is always there for me even on short notice and they are always returned very happy and very tired from having so much fun. I couldn't do what I do comfortably without her.


Bella & Checker's Mom

Duba LOVES Precious Pets...

imageI was a new dog owner and anxious about some of my dog's territorial behavior. Kristina was gentle, validating, and non-judgmental about my fears. She took my dog in and made him a part of her family. Today, 1 1/2 years later, my dog LOVES hanging out at daycare and even has his first girlfriend. His behavior has improved a lot and he is one happy dog and I am one relieved, grateful, and happy customer (friend!). Thank you, Kristina - and family!

Karen and Duba

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